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3D Forge core services

3D Printing service, product design service, industrial design, 3D CAD Modelling service, Sydney


3D Forge is a mechanical design and 3D printing service dedicated to innovative concept design and development. By following a clear design process, we aim to maintain a constant flow of information from design inception through to delivery.

 3D Forge strives to collaborate with individuals or large scale businesses to take their products to the next level with a complete service from design to manufacture. 

3D Forge has vast experience across a broad range of industries and manufacturing techniques. Whether its plastic injection moulded, extruded aluminium, Sheetmetal, CNC machined, laser cut, rest assured that your concept will be developed using the most appropriate and cost-effective methods available. 

At 3D Forge, we value the importance of developing relationships and maintaining that personal touch. 3D Forge is a mobile service which can come to you to.

3D Printing Service

3D Printing service, product design service, industrial design, 3D CAD Modelling service, Sydney

Bridging the gap between virtual designs and the real world.

Once the concept has been designed and engineered, the next step is prototyping. 3D Forge have a range of printers which can turn a 3D CAD model into a physical prototype. We specialize in SLA resin printing and FDM prototyping.

Whether the file has been downloaded from thingiverse, supplied by yourself or engineered by us, we can print most file types.

With a max build volume of 300 x 300 x 400 and a part tolerance down to 25 microns, the benefits of 3D printing are huge.

1. Time-to-Market: 3D printing allows ideas to develop faster than ever. 

2. Save Money: Prototyping injection mould tools and production runs can be expensive investments. 

3. Mitigate Risk: Being able to verify a design before investing in expensive tooling is a very worthwhile process.

4. Confirmation: While a picture of the product is worth 1000 words, getting to hold the tangible product in your hands is priceless. To ensure the ergonomics and fit of a product are just right, you must hold it, use it and test it.

5. Fail Fast, Fail Cheap: Being able to 3D print and test ideas quickly and discover what doesn’t work accelerates discovery leading to an ideal solution. 

3D Product Design

3D Printing service, product design service, industrial design, 3D CAD Modelling service, Sydney

Product design is a crucial stage in the design process of any new component or system. It is the point where the concept comes to life displaying its form and function. 

Unlike traditional methods of 2D drafting and shop drawings, 3D CAD Modelling allows you discover design flaws before production, reduces the cost of development, and efficiently gets your product to market.Using the DFMA Philosophy (Design For Manufacture & Assembly), 3D Forge strives to innovate engineered solutions which are efficient, cost effective, and manufactured using industry best practices. Good product design is what sets you apart from your competitors.

Core services

  • 3D mechanical design
  • 3D Printing service
  • Detailed engineering drawings with technical documentation
  • 3D CAD Solid modelling 
  • Design optimisation using FEA
  • Reverse engineering services to remanufacture physical parts
  • 3D CAD models for small and large assembly design
  • 3D CAD modelling services from 2D drawings
  • CAM- file formats for machining