3D PRINTING PricE guide

FDM MAX PRINT SIZE = 300 x 300 x 400 HIGH

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This is a general indication of price and will vary depending on the intricacy of the component and level of detail required. We also have a range of different materials to suit different applications, including TOUGH PLA, PETG, TPU. TOUGH PLA is the most popular filament choice due as it offers a good balance between strength and cost.

We are more than happy to discuss all the options and tailor a solution that best suits the application of your component.

Colour Options 

We always have  Back, White, Red, Blue, and grey in stock. But any colour can be printed on request.

Recommended Surface finishes for FDM Printing

  • Course - 0.24mm - fastest option, recommended for prototyping where surface finish is not critical and parts without fine detail.
  • Medium- 0.20mm - Optimal balance between speed and quality.
  • Fine- 0.12mm - Slow Speed, high quality surface finish. Recommended for parts which have fine details, or where surface finish is important. Useful for parts which need to be painted or post processed.
  • Optimised - Variable layer height, with this option we can specifically target only the high detail areas with finer layer heights without blowing out the print time.

3D Printing Service, Mechanical Design, Design Engineering, Product Development, Sydney